Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gas Mopeds

If you are considering purchasing a moped, you may notice that there are a few different types. Gas mopeds use gasoline as opposed to electricity as its source of power. Gas mopeds are ideal for those who live in cities or need something to get them around town inexpensively. Here is some advice on how to choose a gas moped that is right for you.

First determine your budget. Gas mopeds can range in price depending on if they are purchased used or new. Prices range from several hundred dollars to several thousand. So, no matter what your price requirements are, you will be able to find something.

Beware of mopeds that seem too inexpensive. By searching for a moped based solely on its price, you run the danger of purchasing something that is substandard or broken. You may want to research the model, manufacturer, and any defects that the brand has been known to have before making the purchase.

Once you decide on which gas moped you would like to purchase, you may want to shop around for the best prices. Some people find their mopeds based solely on price; others would like to purchase a specific brand or model. If you do your research, you will find the best prices.

Also understand that different states and cities have different requirements for use, insurance, and licenses. Make sure you contact your local motor vehicle office to make sure you understand all the rules. They may have a minimum speed requirement, require a special license, make your wear a helmet, or purchase insurance. They may also have different safety requirements.

Gas mopeds are an inexpensive transportation alternative. You can use them to commute, run errands, or go for leisurely drives through the surrounding countryside. Whatever your reasons for wanting one, with a little research you are sure to find the best deals.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cheap Transportation for That RV Pit Stop

More and more people are taking to the open road. These days, the trips are getting shorter, but the length of stay is getting longer. There seems to be another phenomena taking place. You don’t see all the extra vehicles tagging along behind these RVs’. Did they give up their pit stop transportation? I think not.

Just about any person you talk to that has an RV will tell you that they have heard of the next wave in alternative transportation. It’s cheap, portable and gets them where they need to go in a jiff.

What is all of the ruckus? Two words - Electric Scooters. Electric scooters have become all the rage with the RV generation. Electric scooters today are compact, fast and convenient.
Electric scooters today are compact: In the old days, electric scooters were not compact. Today, most electric scooters are capable of folding down for easy storage. With this advent, RV owners love the fact that they can fit right inside the RV without being in the way. The electric scooter can be stored in a closet or in a cubby inside most RV’s.

Electric Scooters are fast: As compared to the scooters of yesterday, today’s electric scooters are much more powerful. The average speeds of electric scooters today range anywhere from fifteen miles per hour, all the way up to twenty-five or thirty miles per hour. There are a few higher end models that can reach up to forty-five to a whopping fifty miles per hour, but those would require a cargo rack for the back of your RV. The higher end models will not fit comfortably inside your RV.

Electric Scooters are convenient: When there are some short trips to take or to take I the sights, all you need to do is pull out your electric scooter, hop on and away you go. You don’t have to worry about any added expense; like gas or oil.

Electric scooters pay for themselves. Think about all the money that you can and will save on gas. Just by taking out your electric scooter a few times, you will have paid for it with the money you saved by not filling up. What does that mean to you? You will have more money to spend on your trip and when you’re done, fold it up and put it away conveniently. No worries.

So, if you have an RV and you’re used to towing your gas guzzler behind, you can park the car, get an electric scooter and hit the trails. You owe it to yourself to not let the cost of gas get in your way. Besides, electricity is much cheaper and better for the environment.

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Side Note: Moped scooters are becoming more popular because the gas prices are getting crazy.

Corey Hoffman

Monday, May 28, 2007

Gas Prices Went Done.

Gas prices came down a little today. But I am sure its not going to stay that way.
If you really want to save some money at the pumps maybe it time to look at some
moped scooters. You can get 80 to 100 miles per gal with the mopeds on the market.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tire of Gas Prices, Mopeds and Scooters for a sulution.

Are you tired of the gas prices. I am, they keep going up. Then we get a report on the profits and it makes me sick to see how greedie people are. It is really needed to make billions of dollars and watch the country suffer. Here is a sulution to to high gas prices. Get a moped or scooter and spot giving your spending money to the big oil company's.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cheap Mopeds

Mopeds offer an inexpensive way to travel around your city or town, especially if you have a limited budget. Following is some advice on how to find cheap mopeds.

First, you’ll want to determine your budget. Moped prices vary depending on if they are used or new. If you really need to find something inexpensive, you can post your needs and budget requirements in the classified advertisements. No matter how low your budget is, you may be able to find cheap mopeds for that price.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that the cheap mopeds that you’ve found are in decent enough condition and that they don’t need a lot of repairs. One of the biggest problems in searching for a moped or any other vehicle is that cheap sometimes indicates that there is something wrong with it. If you don’t mind making the repairs or if the work needed doesn’t affect how the moped functions, you may still want to consider it.

Also, make sure you understand that if you don’t have one already, you may need to purchase a special license, which can cost more money. Check with your state to make sure you meet all the requirements. Paying fines can also lead to spending more money than you need.

Your state may also require insurance. If this is so, make sure you shop around for the best rates. If you already have car insurance, you may be able to get coverage at a discounted rate from the same company. You will also need to purchase additional items like helmets and other accessories.

When looking for cheap mopeds that fit your budget, make sure you understand that you may also need to spend money on extras such as insurance and a license. Also make sure that the moped isn’t inexpensive because it needs a lot of work. Some cheap mopeds are inexpensive for a reason.

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Side Note: I have been riding my motorcycle more than ever. My son is thinking about getting a moped and I found a really good website for moped and electric scooters.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You Might Want To Buy A Moped Or Scooter The Way GAS Prices Are Going!

These motor scooters will save you a lot of spending money. With one of these mopeds you will not worry about all your spending money going in the gas tank.

Cyclops 49cc Four Stroke Motor Scooter

The Cyclops is another of our newest models for 2006. It comes with a very high quality four stroke engine. With a four stroke engine you don't need to worry about adding oil to your scooter every week. Four stroke scooters are also cleaner and quieter. Along with many of our other motor scooters, this model is EPA approved for 2006.

Corey Hoffman

Monday, May 21, 2007

Gas Prices Is It A HOT Topic, Get A Moped or Scooter.

Does it seem like you are talking about gas prices with someone every day. I know I am. It is getting out of hand I want to go camping 150 miles away from my house and I am going to spend about $180.00 for gas. That is if it does not jump 25 cents in the next few days. I think I could buy a weekend ticket to Vegas and leave all the cleaning behind when I come home. With camping I have a lot of things to clean and put away.

Maybe I can buy a Moped or Scooter put a small trailer on it and leave the motorhome behind.

Corey Hoffman

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mopeds and Scooters Are Becoming A Hot Item Because Of Gas.

Gas prices sure are getting out of hand. What is going to happen with this country if when everything keeps going up in cost because of the gas prices?

A hot topic on the streets is Scooters and Mopeds.

I have been riding my motorcycle more to work. My wife puts about three thousand miles a month on her car. So you know her gas bill is kicking us in the rear.

I found this website with mopeds and scooters I am seriously considering on getting an Gas Powered Moped. 80 to 100 miles per gallon. That would save me at least $13.00 dollars a week and I only live eight miles from work.

Corey Hoffman

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Are You Tired Of High Gas Prices!

Gas is getting out of hand. And it is only going to get, you know more expensive.

If you are like a lot of other people you might be thinking about the bus now. Here is a cheaper way. And you can take your own root home and make any stops you want and not spend a dime on bus fair or gas.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What are you putting on your father's day gift list?

What are you putting on your father's day gift list?

I was after a nice set of screw drivers today. I have never had a nice set of screwdrivers.

I'm going to put that on my father day list. You can get a nice set of screwdrivers at a low cost.

If you are planning to us the screwdrivers on a daily bases you might want to purchase a good set. Because the cheaper set will round off or brake easier.

So if you think you are going to purchase screwdrivers for your dad this year. Make sure you take into account how much he is going to us them.

You can us the amazon search box to find some great father's day gifts.

Good luck on father day shopping.

Corey Hoffman

Monday, May 14, 2007

How do you really figure out what your dad wants for fathers day?

Father's Day is June 17th this year. In the USA, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Father's Day is celebrated on differing days around the globe. Your father has always been there for you. He tought you how to ride a bike. So this year make sure that you start your father's day plans early.

Make sure to tell him thanks for every thing he has did for you and also tell him that you love him.

I am a father my self and a hug goes a long way with me.

How do you really figure out what your dad wants for fathers day.

Well just watch and see what activities he does with his free time. Does he golf, or maybe he likes to fish, or maybe he is working in his wood shop. What ever he is spending his time in is probably going to be a great fathers day gift idea.

My dad loves his Harley Davison apparel so it is not heard for me to find something for him.

Don't call dad collect this year. He already has paid enough and DAD needs a break on his wallet. I read that more collect calls are made on father's day than any other day of the year.

Woodrow Wilson was personally feted by his family on Father's Day, while Calvin Coolidge had recommended it for a public holiday. The first Father's Day in the USA was celebrated June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington.

I will leave you with this quote by Woodrow Wilson.

'Father! - To God Himself We Cannot Give a Holier name!' has the product that you need for your father's day gift. Stop by if you can not find your dad's hobby just us our search field.

Corey Hoffman

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Did You Forget Mother's Day?

Where you so busy this year that you forgot mother's day? I hope not. If so you should have some flowers delivered to her.

Tell her you love her in many different ways.

If you forgot, are just did not remember mother's day you have a lot of making up to do the next few weeks.

Good luck.

Flower will help.

Corey Hoffman

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother's Day Is May 13th You still have time to get those FLOWERS.

Mother's Day Is May 13th You still have time to get those FLOWERS.

Don't wait to much longer. She will be very happy when the flowers are delivered.

Make it happen Click Here.

Corey Hoffman

Thursday, May 10, 2007

How to Pick Perfect Flowers for Mother's Day

Millions of flowers are sent out on Mother's Day celebration every year. The flowers have been an emblem of mother's love for centuries.

While there were local celebrations honoring mothers in the late 1800’s, Mother's Day did not become an official holiday until 1910 in the United States. The recognition of Mother's Day as a official national holiday in U.S. was largely due to the efforts of Miss Anna Jarvis. In 1907, Miss Anna began a campaign to establish a national Mother’s Day to honor all mothers, living and dead. Miss Anna Jarvis (the mother of Mother's Day) selected the pink carnations as the symbol for Mother's Day. She supplied white flowers at the first service conducted in Grafton, West Virginia. Pink carnations are widely accepted for the Mother's Day because of the inherent quality of sweetness, purity and endurance. England was one of the first countries to celebrate Mothering Sunday for a different reason. Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 40 countries around the world. Not all nations celebrate on the same day or for the same reason, but they all celebrate the day with the loves for the mothers and with beautiful flowers. In United States, besides flowers Mother's Day Gift Baskets, Mother's Day Ring or Jewelry are popular choices for Mother's day gift ideas.

Pink, white and red flowers are common colors for Mother's Day flowers. Each color has unique meaning in Mother's Day celebration. White flowers with their sweet fragrance are regarded as the flowers for those who have missed their mothers either because of death, or because of distance. Red flowers, representing life and love, are considered the symbol of love for living mothers.

The affectionate and cheerful flowers are generally considered more appropriate for Mother's day. Examples of flowers that should be given to a mother include wild flowers, tulips, Gerber daisies, birth month flowers, or any flower that is a mother's particular favorite. Roses are always a popular choice, however for a mom pink, yellow, orange, or white are more appropriate. Every woman loves roses, and the alternate colors brighten up the rose as well as show love in a non-romantic way.

Whether your mother is just miles away from you or in other side of the earth, you can always easily pick a perfect flowers for your mother online nowadays. In 1998. I was in Bristol, UK and my mom was in Birmingham, UK. I decided to head to the Internet. Typing in "flowers Bristol", then "Leeds florists and Leeds flowers", I found the perfect Mothers Day flowers for her. The flowers were ordered online from Bristol and sent to Leeds and arrived early next morning.

Natalie Aranda is a freelance write. She writes about travel, business, family, love. She's been taking pictures of various Mother's Day flowers and Valentine's Day Flowers even since she was a teenager.

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Side note: You still have time to order your mothers day flowers.

Corey Hoffman

Monday, May 7, 2007

Jewelry For Mothers Day May 13th.


I found this website that has alot of nice jewelry for moms. Maybe this year instead of getting flowers for mothers day you want to get something that she will have the rest of her life. Jewelry is a great mothers day gift.

What ever you do don't wait until it's to late.

Make sure to tell her that you love her.

Corey Hoffman

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Red Carnation for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is not merely a holiday in the United States. Almost everywhere across the world, mothers have been honored from time immemorial as nourishers of mankind. Earliest rites in Greece revered Rhea, mother of all Grecian deities; the Romans looked to Cybele, mother of the Roman gods. The early Christian Church worshipped the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.

England had its own version of the holiday, calling it “Mothering Day.” All citizens, especially the working poor domestics who toiled from morning to night at the fine manors belonging to the wealthy aristocrats, observed this day. Pity was taken upon the servants and they were urged to visit their own mothers living at points far away. On this holiday, no matter what the social or economic status was, everyone came forth to honor motherhood.

Mother’s Day, in its earliest beginnings, was an outgrowth of a social reform movement led by Mrs. Anna Jarvis, who lived in the Appalachians. She ardently attempted, around 1850, to introduce to her neighbors the need for better health and sanitary conditions in the region. She felt mothers would be the most nourishing so she called the observance “Mother’s Working Day.” Another theory proposed that she was instrumental in imploring the authorities for more hygienic surroundings for both sides of the Civil War.

By 1872, due to the efforts of Julia Ward Howe, the wheels of change were set in motion to encourage peace throughout the United States. For the next few years, Miss Howe arranged Mother’s Day observances in Boston each year.

However, on the second Sunday of May, 1877, Mother’s Day became a driving force in the United States, led by Mrs. Juliet Calhoun Blakely. Mrs. Blakely was attending services at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Albion, Michigan when the pastor, the Reverend Myron Daughterty, in mid-sermon, had a psychological “meltdown” and quickly left the pulpit with no explanation. It soon became known he was so distraught because his son and two other alcohol abstainees were bamboozled (no pun intended) by an anti-temperance gang who had forced them to spend the entire night in a saloon, where they had become drunk for all to see. Mrs. Blakely stepped up to the pulpit and completed his sermon on temperance and peace, calling for all mothers to join her.

It was not until 1907 that Mother’s Day was again observed, led by Miss Anna Jarvis, daughter of the 19th-century Appalachian advocate for peace. At this memorial service, Miss Anna gave out 500 white carnations to the mothers in the area. Services to honor this day were now being observed each year and hence, Mother’s Day was a recognized holiday.

In 1910, the governor of West Virginia granted the day as an official celebration and on May 14, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson put Mother’s Day into law as an officially recognized holiday.
Sales of flowers and candy for Mother’s Day were so inflated that the holiday soon became a victim of commercialism. Miss Jarvis was so disgusted she attempted to sue the federal government over the sales. Disillusioned by the holiday she had created, she withdrew unto herself, dying alone in a sanatorium in 1948.

In the 21st century, flowers and candy are still the top sellers. Now, it is considered traditional for an offspring to present the their mother with a red carnation; if their mother has already died, many people arrange white carnations atop their graves to pay their respects.
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Side Note: This is the second article I posted about mothers day. They both have some very good information about mothers day. Just make sure that you get your moms flowers ordered on time this year.

Corey Hoffman

Thursday, May 3, 2007

16 Funny Quotes to Celebrate Mother's Day

Moms definitely have their humorous moments and these 16 funny quotes are testimony to the laughs that mothers often enjoy (and sometimes endure). This Mother's Day, share these funny quotes with your mom and enjoy a moment of shared love and laughter.

1. "Mothers of teenagers know why animals eat their young." ~ Author Unknown

2. "Mothers are all slightly insane." ~ J.D. Salinger

3. "I want my children to have all the things I couldn't afford. Then I want to move in with them." ~ Phyllis Diller

4. "There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it." ~ Chinese Proverb

5. "It takes a woman twenty years to make a man of her son, and another woman twenty minutes to make a fool of him." ~ Helen Rowland

6. "The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found." ~ Calvin Trillin

7. "A suburban mother's role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car for ever after." ~ Peter De Vries

8. "It would seem that something which means poverty, disorder and violence every single day should be avoided entirely, but the desire to beget children is a natural urge." ~ Phyllis Diller

9. "All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his." ~ Oscar Wilde

10. "A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." ~ Tenneva Jordan

11. "You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back." ~William D. Tammeus.

12. "Working mothers are guinea pigs in a scientific experiment to show that sleep is not necessary to human life." ~ Author Unknown

13. "Any mother could perform the jobs of several air-traffic controllers with ease." ~ LisaAlther

14. "My mother had to send me to the movies with my birth certificate, so that I wouldn't have to pay the extra fifty cents that the adults had to pay." ~ KareemAbdul-Jabbar

15. "My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it." ~ Mark Twain

16. "My mother's menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it." ~ Buddy Hackett

Yes, children often give their mothers something to laugh about. Hopefully it makes up for the things their children will inevitably do to make them cry. This year celebrate the humorous side of Mother's Day with a few good laughs and share these funny quotes with your mom.

For more funny quotes, check out the popular funny quotes section of, a website that specializes in 'Top 10' lists of quotations in dozens of categories.
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Side Note. Make sure you make mothers day a special one this year. Get your flowers ordered today.

Corey Hoffman